Visionary Dance Theatre is a San Diego-based dance theatre company, established in January 2009



We will strive to create dance theatre that is on the cutting edge of dance. Our pride will be that of diversity that has no limits in its creative process. We will tackle tough topics as well as general entertainment in the hope of opening minds and spirits to a world of all its possibilities.


We will always take pride and give respect to the process of creating dance theatre. Visionary Dance Theatre will be an open, team-playing environment with our eyes on the goal of team-building through the arts. Respect for our team members and the arts community will always be a vital part of our make-up.

Driven by the Vision of Artistic Director Spencer John Powell, VDT strives to enrich the community and its own company members through the shared experience of dance, theatre, and art. Included in this Vision is the belief that dance is for everyone. VDT brings together dancers & performers of all skill levels to create an environment of shared passion, growth, and opportunity for all of its members.

Visionary Dance Theatre has a rich, collaborative history with artists both near and far.  Visionary has commissioned works from artists such as:

  • Blythe Barton – Artistic Director of Blythe Barton Dance
  • Caryn Glass & Ami Ipapo – Artistic Directors of [the] movement initiative
  • Jess Humphrey – Dance Artist and Teacher
  • Daniel Marshall – Artistic Director of La Diego Dance Theater
  • Michael Mizerany – Freelance Choreographer
  • Lavina Rich – Freelance Choreographer
  • Zaquia Mahler Salinas – Freelance Choreographer
  • Khamla Somphanh – Freelance Choreographer
  • Gina and Kyle Sorensen – Artistic Directors of somebodies dance theater
  • Jeanne Travers – International Choreographer and Professor at University of South Florida.
  • Diana Valero – Artistic Director of DVO Dance Project