Auditions will be held on Saturdays @ 9am at the Visionary Studio (8693 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91942). You must have a Résumé, Headshot and your latest report card. Once the auditions are scheduled you will need to attend as we will not work around people’s schedules.

On June 4th @ 9am, theatre students will need to sing two full songs, one ballad and one upbeat from a musical. You must also have one 3 minute monologue, and you must attend the dance portion at the dance scholarship auditions (separate day, during the dance students auditions).

On June 11th @ 9am, dance students must prepare one 3 minute dance in Ballet, 3 minute dance in Modern. After showing both your routines, there will be a group audition (theatre students will attend this group dance audition). We will be looking for how fast you pick up movement. We will show three dance routines, one in Ballet, one in Modern, and one in Musical Theatre Dance/Jazz. The routines will be shown three times only.

On June 18th @ 9am, there will be Callbacks for those who pass the initial audition.

Types of scholarships available: student work study (teens only), parent work study (students under 13 years), talent, merit, and male, full and half tuition.

These auditions are opened to those students who are not on scholarship and wish to try for one. Auditions are also open to new students who wish to start at Visionary. You must be 8 years old to 18 years old. You must have a 3.5 GPA or better to get and/or retain a scholarship at Visionary (no exceptions). Do not bother to audition if you do not have a Résumé, Headshot or report card!

Auditions can be scheduled by calling 619-758-8112 or emailing