Dear Visionary Friends and Supporters,

On this #GivingTuesday we give thanks to all our friends and supporters and to those who make up the Visionary Family.  This #GivingTuesday we ask for your support in our mission to enhance the community with our love and passion for the performing arts.  There are many ways you can give whether it’s through the donation of money/gifts, the donation of time and talent, enrolling in a class, purchasing a show ticket, or just spreading the word of some of the wonderful things we do here at Visionary.

As a BIPOC-led organization, we continue our practice to be home and a support for BIPOC Artists of the community.  Visionary has always provided a Performing Arts haven for BIPOC Artists.  Your support will additionally help us continue our practice in providing opportunities and an environment to BIPOC Artists where they can learn and grow, perform and be seen on stage, and get the validation/satisfaction of being paid for their art as an artist of color.

On behalf of the whole Visionary organization, we want to thank you for all your contributions and support.  We could not do many of these great things with you!